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The Friendship Test

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

When to get new friends.

While it feels great to have people we can socialize with, have fun and laugh with, the capacity they have to effect our lives, our character, development, or behavior is no laughing matter. Here's why.

Friendships are not just about having fun, since they can have a powerful aftereffect in your life. They emotionally support, motivate and inspire. Sometimes the results are 'oh so good'..but when it results in something unproductive or even can have unalterable consequences. Maybe it's time to test your friendships.

The Friendship Test: Review, Replace, Repeat


Friendships should undergo a routine wellness examination to be sure the relationship healthy. How well is your friendship doing?

  • Is there a constructive theme to our conversations?

  • Does my friend encourage me to do good things?

  • What positive lessons have I learned from my friend?


This is not one those 'best 2 out of 3' type of tests. You should be able to review your friendships and provide clear positive answers to the questions. If not, this may be an indication that it's time to make a change, to replace the current influence with something better. How?

  1. Appreciate: Express gratitude for those wonderful friends you have and their positive impact on your life.

  2. Attraction: Be the type of friend you desire to have and others who appreciate this will be drawn to you.

  3. Location: Place yourself in situations to interact with others who share similar interests.

  4. Diversity: Be open to different age groups, cultures, backgrounds, etc.

  5. Quantity: It's better to be satisfied with a few quality friendships than seek a dozen bad ones.

What next?


Like an annual wellness checkup that does wonders for keeping in good health and taking preventive measures to address any concerns. . .Why not repeat the Friendship test every year?

Remember, you want to live your best life and having quality friendships can enhance the journey, making it both beneficial and fun!

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