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The Art Of Making Dreams A Reality

Shaping Your Direction In Three Steps.

What life do you dream of having? If where you are is not where you want to be, then now may be a good time to move forward in the direction of your dreams. What can you do to make this happen? We often hear advice like, 'Fake it until you make it,' 'Act like you have it until you do,' and 'If you call it, it will come.' But, what does this really mean and how does this work?

In simpler terms, make the life we wish to have, our main focus. Now, if we examine our current position in life, we may notice that our thoughts, what we speak about, the energy and resources we expend are directly connected to our present circumstance. So like an artist, our focus has essentially created or shaped our reality. This would mean that to create a different life, to make our dreams a reality...may require a change in focus. How do we change focus?

See It - Say It - It Is So: Like artists who produce sculptures...we will use a three step method for redirecting one's focus and shaping the current circumstance into the one you desire most. Let's breakdown the process .

See It: Carving Out A Vision

What does your dream look like? Visualize your desires, bringing all the wonderful details into it. See the 'where, the how, and the who' associated with it. See the colors, the movement, and the timing. See the clear picture and see the fulfillment of it.


Sara dreams of owning a Cookie Boutique.

Sara sees herself smiling while wearing a decorative Magenta & Teal cookie apron. She sees herself baking various types of cookies, selling, serving and chatting with customers in her downtown shop on a warm sunny day in the summer. She sees flowers on tables throughout the shop, the design on her storefront, and the cookie display that the local townsfolk admire.

The Point


Say It: Molding The Vision

Do you hear yourself? Do you even talk about your dream...that same vision with all the wonderful details? Now is the time to verbally articulate your vision, voicing all the same creative thoughts from your vision. Enhance the shape of its reality; the what, where, when, and with who. Add to this how it feels. Let your words add depth, tone, and feeling to your desires.


Sara speaks about her dream of owning a Cookie Boutique.

Sara talks so often and so clearly about her Cookie Boutique that even others can see the reality of it. Everyday, Sara says, 'that successful downtown Cookie Boutique with the Magenta & Teal cookie sign that everyone loves, that's my boutique. In the summers I serve cookie lovers from from all over under shaded tables with Magenta & Teal flowers. In the winter, cookie lovers come to see my indoor cookie themed holiday display. They purchase 'The Cookie Present' packages designed for special occasions. It feels good to serve others doing what I love.'

The Point


It is So: Assemble Your Dreams Into Reality

What aspects of your dream are already a reality? Acknowledge those things in your present life that are as you would like them to be in your future life. Demonstrate the fulfillment of your dreams, by actively engaging in whatever parts of your dreams are possible right now (no matter how inconsequential it may seem). Let what you see and say come into focus as you go about doing it. It's time to place your future into the present.


Sara lives like she owns a Cookie Boutique.

Sara bakes cookies everyday. She likes to wear a Magenta and Teal apron that she and her young sons painted with various shaped cookies. This is the inspiration for her storefront. For every season or holiday, Sara bakes cookies and places them in magenta colored boxes with teal bows as gifts for her friends and family. This is the inspiration for 'The Cookie Present' packages she will sell one day. Once a month in the summer, Sara invites friends over for a 'cookie of the month' theme party where she chats with her guests about her dreams of owning cookie boutique downtown. She does the same for her indoor winter holiday displays. Word spread about Sara's cookies and she began selling cookies from her home. She smiles and laughs that the proceeds are her 'cookie boutique money.' This is the inspiration for how satisfying it will feel when she finally owns a Cookie Boutique.

The Point


Try it! After all, this is Your Journey - You are the Artist, Sculpting Your Dreams into Reality.

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