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The 4 Elements of Daily Life

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Ever wonder why these elements or symbols appear in a fortune telling or Tarot reading? Let's examine the meaning behind each symbol to find out how these come together form a picture of daily life.

Earth, Air, Fire, Water: Various Shades Form A Picture of Daily Life

Each day tells its own story. There are things occurring in the world around us, in our thoughts, ambitions, and emotions. So, while we may begin the day with a clear slate, ready to take on it's joys, challenges, and revelations. By the end of the day, however, these four aspects or Elements have painted a picture and we most assuredly have a story to tell.

Earth - The Physical World

What is physical? Our homes, money, food, pets, each other, including our physical bodies are only a few of the many things that encompass the physical realm. Think about a day spent cleaning the house, depositing money in the bank, eating with family, or resting for good was all physical. All things related to the physical are symbolized by Earth. Throughout each day we give attention to this earth aspect (our physical world) to one degree or another.

Air - The Thought World

What might Thought look like? Any situation, event, or activity connected to the intellect is filled with and symbolized by Air. This includes verbal or written communication, academics, analytics, reasoning, and yes, conflict. And like Air, the Thought World has an ever changing spirit, ready to move in one direction or another, it can come across as a gentle breeze or a tumultuous wind storm. Everyday, we use a portion of this airy aspect.

Fire - The World of Ambition

Whenever you are inspired or determined, using your energy to create, expand or destroy, you have entered the world of Ambition. It is driven with a broad range force, so that the same force that burns with sensuality can be the same that burns with destruction. It is the fiery soul within, warm and passionate, competitive, motivating your greatness, fueling your goals, but if left untamed can also be chaotic and damaging. To some extent each day, we are burning to accomplish something.

Water - The World of Emotion

How do you feel about it? Whether it be a feeling, a mood, a gut sense, or our intuition. Not a day goes by without experiencing the vacillating effect of Emotion in our lives. Emotion is like Water, a fluid force, readily able to move from one feeling to another, it can be cool and soothing or it can be boiling hot with rage. It can be calm, melancholy and still, or a be tsunami of ecstasy and rage. From from joy, love, happiness to pain and heartbreak, each day runs a gamut of Emotion in some measure.

Remember Life is Your Journey. You can paint a picture of Your life that expresses your world, your thoughts, your ambitions, and what you feel in a wonderful way!

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