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Tarot vs Oracle

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

What's the Difference?

Some find it confusing when an Oracle Reading is offered.

Differences add to Discovery

The Tarot is commonly mentioned in connection with fortune telling. However, both Tarot and Oracle readings may be used as a tool, a link to divinity, spiritual guidance, and it can provide plenty of assistance in your self discovery. So what's the difference?

Tarot decks in its basic form contain 78 cards, broken into two groups, both of which reflect a life-cycle theme. The 22 Major Arcana peer into major life occurrences. The 56 Minor Arcana reflect the four most common elements that make up daily life and people we may interact with.

A Tarot Reading, through its imagery and detail, may tell the story of where you are in the current life-cycle, showing what is already known with a glimpse into what possibilities are in motion, all with you in control of what will be or what will change.

Oracle decks have an overall central theme and may have any number of cards, but do not necessarily follow a format. They were originally designed for use in seeking knowledge, wisdom, or insight. Its imagery may vary, some being broad and abstract. This is meant to trigger the enhancement of intuition.

An Oracle Reading, is primarily used as a summary tool, reflecting the big picture, in answer to questions or in obtaining help in both feeling and visualizing future possibilities and the inner workings of a situation, without the minor details as seen in Tarot.

Thus, Tarot and Oracle readings may be used as a personal map, to help you assess where you are and assist you in visualizing where you want to go on your life journey.

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