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Short Note: So What's Stopping You?

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

So, you've got this great idea, a yearning, a burning desire just waiting to be fulfilled. The thought of it is so exquisite, you can nearly taste the wonder of it. And it's not that you are thinking only of yourself, no, you are quite sure that someone else could benefit from this grand gift you have to offer. The only issue? You. You haven't done a thing about it.

Look For How You Can Get To The Other Side of Your Dreams

This describes so many of us who know we have something profound within us that begs to be released. Like a light wanting to fully express its illumination but is kept in the recesses, closed off from the choice.

To those of you holding yourself back, ask yourself, 'What really is holding me back? Am I placing a barrier where is barrier should not be? What can I do right now to start moving forward?'

Soak in the parts of your dream that are a reality right now. For example, if you want to publish a book, start writing. If you want to own a cookie shop, bake cookies. If you want a good relationship, demonstrate the qualities of a good partner. If you want more money, look around and isolate what areas of your life where money is currently benefiting you in some way.

Whatever you think or feel is obstructing you or blocking you...why not find your way over it or around it? Be your own best motivator and go for it!

Remember, this is Your Life, Your is up to you to do the best you can to enjoy it.

Looking for insight? At a cross-roads? Book a Reading today and get motivated to take your next steps toward fulfilling your goals!

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