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Like Reading A Book - 7 Basic Steps To Doing a Personal Tarot Reading

Wouldn't it be nice if you could, whenever you like, pull out your own deck of Tarot cards, and give yourself a personal reading? Would it surprise you that you too have the ability to read the cards? Perhaps you already bought your first deck and you want to know if there are simple methods in learning to read the cards. The answer is yes, yes, and yes! It's like reading a book....

Step One - Buy An Appealing Deck

If you already have a deck, then by all means move to step two...However, if you are looking for a deck, then it recommended that you choose a deck that gives you a good feeling. Just like choosing a new book to read, there are a hosts of on-line resources that will provide a glimpse of what various types of decks and cards look like. Having a good feeling about the deck is a basic first step and will make the process of giving yourself a personal reading easier.

Step Two - Read The Booklet That Comes With The Cards

While this step may seem obvious, it no less important to mention that various decks are designed differently. Similar to a book cover, the booklet provides helpful background information on the author, the decks original purpose, recommended spreads for readings, and most importantly...the basic meanings of each card. So, read the booklet.

Step Three - Review Each Card

As soon as possible, get the cards into your hands. Get a feel for each one, visualizing the story each card is relaying. This is especially helpful when learning the basic meanings of the cards. Ask yourself: What stands out to me? How does the meaning match the image? What story or lesson does this card want to convey?

Step Four - Prepare To Read (What Would You Like To Read About?)

Similar to your process or ritual for reading your favorite book, you may wish to wear relaxed clothing, pick a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, keep a bottle of water nearby. You may even wish to light a candle (of course, adhering to safety precautions) so as to create a calm, tranquil atmosphere. Then, relax your mind, clearing away any noisy thoughts and focus on your question. This is what your reading will be about so be sure your question is clear and concise, so the answer given is as clear and concise.

Step Five - Choose A Spread

'Spread' is the name given to the process of spreading or placing each card in a predetermined position. Spreads serve a wonderful purpose in that they (like storyboards or chapters in a book) help to organize the overall theme of the reading into specific formats or categories.

Here are some 3 card spreads you may want to try:

3 Card Spread: Past - Present - Future

3 Card Spread: Me - You - Us

3 Card Spread: The Challenge - The Advantage - The Advice

Step Six - Read

Some find the easiest way to give yourself a reading is to take the meaning of the cards, the format they are positioned in and present them in a way that tells a story in answer to your question. The point is to let your natural gut feeling of the cards and their meanings come together in such a way that you can visualize the answer; almost as if it's a movie being played or a book being read.

This process is called a Reading.

Examples Of A Basic Reading

Card Meanings

Learning - Fearlessness - Communication



What can I expect from taking a class on Tarot Readings?


Past - Present - Future

How This May Be Read

Expect to cover Tarot history or things learned in the past, how to be confident in using Tarot and giving readings, and how to give readings for others in the future.



Will my relationship with my mate move toward marriage?


Me - Them - Us

How This May Be Read

My focus is on relationship growth, my mate is unafraid to venture forward in the relationship, so it may be time we discuss the future of the relationship.



What can I do to be considered for a promotion at my job?


The Challenge - The Advantage - The Advice

How This May Be Read

Lack of education may be an obstacle to career growth; but I am not afraid to venture into the unknown, so express my interest in learning and doing more.

Step Seven - Acknowledgement

Last but certainly not at all least is Acknowledgement. Once your reading is complete, acknowledge your ability provide yourself with insight from the reading. Accept that whether it is your first time or not, or whether you felt the reading could have gone better or not, the reading truly is a reflection your your intuition and inner self. And like some who take a moment after reading their favorite book, you may want to dwell on the main points of the reading, jot down a few key notes, how you felt, and what you hope to accomplish or change as a result of the reading. It is also a good idea to go back some time later to access how the reading was able to apply to real life events.

Remember the Bright Blackwood Community is made up people like you, those who want to stay motivated in directing their own lives. Its where we encourage, inspire, and self-empower.

Want more insight? See what a reading can do for you. Book a reading today.

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