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How To: Keep A Dream Journal with Oracle Cards

How annoying...weird dreams, confusing dreams or those dreams forgotten.But what if you could bring it back, into focus, and get insight. Oracle Cards are a good resource for revealing what dreams have to say. Here's simple How To Use Oracle Cards to Reveal Dreams.

Step 1 - Keep a Daily Dream Journal

In important step is keeping a dream journal. In this way a better understanding of how our innermost thoughts through dreaming is gained. Because everyone is different, it is best to think of our dreams as being unique and personal. For some it is like learning a language and over time, we are more confident about the meaning of the images or stories being told when we dream. For example, two people may dream of rabbits; for one person this may represent the need to juggle tasks but to another this may signal preparing for pregnancy. By keeping a Dream Journal, we can learn, reflect, and understand our dreams. This is the first step...the next is to focus and draw a card.

Step 2 - Draw a Daily Dream Card

No matter whether you can recall your dream or it appears to elude you. . .take your oracle deck and begin shuffling the cards. Focus on any one of these questions or your own:

  • What Does My Dream Wish To Tell Me?

  • What Is The Purpose Of My Dream?

  • What Is My Dream About?

When ready, stop shuffling, divide the deck in half, choosing the top card from the second half of the deck. This method represents the sorting and selecting of one's innermost thoughts in answer to the question. From this it is recommended that time be taken to review the cards and log the interpretation in the dream journal.

Step 3 - The Log List

Remember this is Your Dream. Your Journal.

Write whatever comes to mind, whatever is in your heart.

The following list is a consideration of additional elements to log:

  • How The Cards Makes Me Feel

  • Who Is Represented In The Card

  • What Story Is Being Told

  • Where & When Does Story Take Place

  • What Is Missing From The Scene

  • What Keywords or Numbers Standout

  • In What Way Does This Assist Me

Step 4 - Reflection

While reflection is the final step, is it also here that answers take shape. Throughout the day we may wish to take moment to evaluate in what we applied any need encouragement received from our dream or taken any necessary steps to further benefit ourselves. We may even notice that some aspects of our dream are now playing out as a reality and that we were able to give ourselves the advantage of preparedness. In every sense, we hold the key to knowing ourselves better and improving the way we connect with innermost thoughts.

Here is a visual example of how to use Oracle Cards in Dream Interpretation.

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