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Getting Unstuck

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Moving Forward When Life Sucks:

The truth is, sometimes...Life Sucks! Or that's the way we feel when things suddenly go wrong, when we experience a setback. It's like our tower of hopes and dreams, have gone up in flames and we flee the scene traumatized, wondering what the heck happened.

The sad part is that some of us stay in that moment of trauma and shock, long after the fire dies down. It's easy to get stuck, staring at our empty lot, feeling injured, recounting our losses, buried in the ashes of the past. What can we do when there's a setback on the road of life?

Get moving. Do something. Staying in a moment of time to relive its pain may create an emotional barrier that blocks you from reaching your goals. This is not to say that you should not embrace your disappointment when a setback occurs. Instead, it can be healthy to reactivate your spirit by addressing what happened, acknowledging how you feel, and listing what you've learned from it. But afterwards, it is up to you to turn the setback into an opportunity. Here's how.

Setbacks can lead to creative thinking. Like an unmovable stone blocking a roadway, if we cannot get around it, we find a way to get over it. And, if we cannot get over it, we find a way to get around it. Either way, we get moving through creative thought.

Example: The loss of a job can really suck, especially if we've invested education, time and resources toward maintaining it. While we are disappointed by this, we realize that we've gain some much valued experience. Perhaps now is the time to get over and above it by pursuing an advanced related position, something we now qualify for. Otherwise we may get around it all together by taking a different route and seeking a position in an unrelated field, perhaps one we've always wanted to pursue but didn't have the time. What an opportunity!

The Journey is full of surprises. Don't let the unexpected turns, keep you from the wonderful opportunities ahead.

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