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Get Happy - Life Is Good

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

It can't be all bad, right? It's true, sometimes life throws lemons, but life is also offering up some sweet goodness. And all we have to do is acknowledge it, accept it and enjoy it. Get happy because Life Really Is Good. Is it unrealistic to think this way?

Honestly, some just don't want to hear from the 'Positive Pattys' who are always yammering on about positive thinking. Others will say that it is unrealistic to focus on positive things when bad things are happening. There may even be a look of judgement that implies that you're living in a dream world, selectively blind to the clear truth that surrounds you. That constant positive thinking means your perception of life is skewed. But clear perception is exactly what is needed in becoming happy, in enjoying life more fully.

Perception is Choice. If the cup is half empty, this also means that the cup is half full, correct? Yes, yes it does. So while everyday may not be entirely good, there is something good in everyday. The message here is that we decide and we choose not only how to view our lives, but how we will respond to it, how we will feel about it.

Will you decide and choose to focus on those good things happening around you, for you or to you?

Is today the day you will say, I am Happy, Life is Good, I Love My Life?

If those words are too cliche' for you, why not focus on those smaller, more important, perhaps overlooked details that add to life?


I am grateful for the air I breathe, the songs I can sing, the funny things people say, the honest-hearted things people do. I feel good about who I am, the progress I am making. Life is good because I am loved and I love others, because I give to others and I am happy when I receive. The best part of my life is that everyday there is something different to look forward to,

there is always the hope of better things to come.

Try it, this is your opportunity to Get Happy - Because Life Is Good! Life is a journey full of sweet goodness. Don't let life's lemons sour your taste for a more fulfilling life.

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