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Defensive vs Intention Thinking

Train Your Thoughts to Pursue What You Want Most

If you believe that thoughts become things, that your thoughts are the first stage to achieving all your dreams, then not only what you think, but how you think, matters. Yes, you want to be happy, you want things to fall into place, you want the realization of your desires to flow to you with ease. But are you, without even knowing it, using your thoughts like a guard or a shield to block the receiving of all these wonderful things? Do you know how you think, whether you have a Defensive Thinking or an Intention Thinking style?

Thinking Woman
Train Your Thoughts to Pursue What You Want Most

Defensive thinking is one in which our thoughts are focused on that which we are guarded against. A thinking pattern that is trained for what we might think is blocking the unwanted. If we think back we may be able to recall learning the meaning of 'I don't want' from an early age, even before we developed fluid speaking ability. No doubt that even now, from day-to-day, we may be bombarded with expressions of dislike, displeasure and disapproval and for some, we have learned to convey the same. So sure, if someone were to ask us to name a color, a food, or even another person we do not like or a job we would not a defensive shield, the answer might swiftly rise up from our mouths. The flip side to this is Intention Thinking

Intention thinking is purpose driven, where your primary thoughts are focused on that you wish to receive. It too is a thinking style that you must learn or train yourself to have. Test yourself to find out how you think.

How Do You Think?

Question: What color would you like to paint the bedroom, how about blue?

Defensive Thinking: I don't know, but I hate dark colors, so no dark colors!

Intention Thinking: I would really prefer pink, or a similar shade since I like lighter colors.

Question: Would you like to order burgers or a pizza?

Defensive Thinking: I can't stand pizza, people are always ordering pizza.

Intention Thinking: I love burgers, I will have a burger!

Question: What type of job would you like?

Defensive Thinking: Well, I know for sure I don't want to work in Customer Service.

Intention Thinking: I would like to work in Finance.

In these scenarios, one thinking style is guarded while the other thinks of what it wishes to pursue. Do you recognize your own thinking style? Is there perhaps a need for improvement?

The point is to start focusing on your intentions, what makes you happy and let this be your predominate thought process. Train yourself by refocusing, consistently asking yourself what it is that you like, love, and desire.

Remember Life is Your Journey. You have the power to affect change, so instead of blocking the unwanted, be open to receive what you do want!

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