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Affirmations: Your Inner Resume'

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Listing Your Greatness:

Brag About Your GREATNESS!

Aside from all the great mantras, chants, and hymns, Affirmations offer a unique opportunity for you to do something everyday that no one else will...List Your Greatness.

Many of us grow up hearing that it is rude to brag about oneself, to recount our achievements and extol our victories.

Strange, though, that doing this, is exactly what most companies require for job consideration, only they call it a resume'.

Resume's are used to advance our careers. It highlights what we've achieved and what we are capable of. It gives a glimpse of what we are doing and what we will do. What about Affirmations?

Affirmations can do far greater, they can initiate change and movement in any aspect of our lives. They can even bring forth self-belief and courage within where it seemed hidden previously. Youtube is full of interviews where successful people disclose that everyday before reaching their goals, they would repeat and recount their greatness, who they are, and who they will if it already happened. Soon they felt stronger and bolder about pursuing their dreams, because now, they believed it was possible.

Realizing your dreams are also possible. Affirmations are just one step taken toward believing in and reaching your goals. New to Affirmations?

To begin, you will need to acknowledge who you are. Then say aloud (and yes, you are talking to your inner self - some find the use a mirror to be helpful): Try words like...

I AM Successful

I AM Courageous

I AM Capable

I AM Whatever I choose to BE

Add to your list, including whatever you want to see in your life (e.g. I Am an Entrepreneur).

Try it! After all, this is Your Journey and You have no reason to hide just how great you are.

Want more personal insight? Book a ready today and get motivated to take your next steps along your Journey.

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