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Bright Blackwood

Light Your Journey

Considering your next steps?

Career   Relationships   Life Choices

Welcome to Bright Blackwood, a motivational community offering Tarot and Oracle Readings.

Explore the site, the videos, blogs. Join the community and get motivated to live your best life!

Learn Basic Fortune Telling

Learn Basic Fortune Telling

Learn Basic Fortune Telling
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All Categories
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Tarot Cards - Overview
How To: Give Yourself a Reading

How To: Give Yourself a Reading

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3 Card Formats

3 Card Formats

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How To: Descriptive Readings

How To: Descriptive Readings

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How To Give a Daily Reading - Mirroring

How To Give a Daily Reading - Mirroring

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About Bright Blackwood

A Motivational Tarot Community


We are Travelers. This Life is Our Journey.

Are you moving in right direction? Are you at a cross roads? Want to take a leap a faith to begin a journey that's right for you?

Let Tarot Motivate You. Get a Reading, View the Videos, Read the Blogs, Comment and Inspire Others.

This website is designed to help You on Your Journey, through Tarot, Oracle, and Community.

Tap into Your inner map, Embrace Self-Discovery and initiate Positive Movement in Your life.

Thank You So Much for Visiting and for Joining the Bright Blackwood Community.

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"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"


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